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  The editor of the translation company suggests that we should pay attention to the readers' cultural psychology and make them have a sense of identity, so as to achieve good translation effect and advertising effect?


  1. Advertisement translation should be concise and creative


  Generally speaking, translation should first be faithful to the original. However, the procedure of faithfulness is different in different styles. For example, the faithfulness of legal style and scientific style should be higher, while that of literary works and publicity materials should be slightly lower, especially in terms of form. Because the main purpose of the latter is to make the readers of the translation get a sense of beauty, so as to attract these readers. Advertising language is a typical style of propaganda, whose main purpose is to promote the products advertised as much as possible, and "only creative style can win by surprise, attract the audience's attention, move the audience's consumer psychology, promote the audience's consumer writing, and produce lasting effect". Therefore, the requirement of "faithfulness" in advertisement translation is not very high. In most cases, in addition to the basic corresponding meaning, the translator can freely play his own creativity, handle flexibly, give full play to the advantages of the target language in language and culture, and translate creative translation. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the conciseness of the translation, because conciseness can make the reader clear at a glance, better understand and remember that the product can serve.


  2. Advertisement translation should be popular with aesthetic feeling


  Because the advertisement translation faces the vast number of consumers, we should consider the education level of consumers. After all, the audience of advertisement includes not only the well-educated people, but also many people who have not been well-educated. In order to take care of this part of consumers, the advertisement translation should be as easy to understand as possible, but "easy to understand" does not mean "vulgar", but also should pay attention to aesthetic feeling, so that readers can remember the advertising words while enjoying a kind of beauty, so as to remember the advertised products. It also helps enterprises establish, maintain and strengthen their brand image.


  3. Advertising translation should be recognized by the audience's culture


  Language is the carrier of culture. As a special form of language, advertising language will certainly reflect the culture behind the language. "Different nationalities have different characteristics, different cultural backgrounds, political views, religious beliefs, national principles, traditional habits, etc. Advertising language embodies certain national and aesthetic values, values and lifestyles, as well as different religious ideals and moral standards. The purpose of advertisement is to realize the sale of products. We have to consider the conflict between the source culture and the target culture in the process of advertising translation. If we do not deal with cross-cultural problems in translation, it will lead to the failure of advertising in the target culture. "Therefore, when translating advertising language, we should pay attention to the cultural identity of the audience.


  The above is to share with you to do a good job in advertising translation, hope to help you, want to know more about the relevant content, welcome to watch other articles on this site!

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